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February 26, 2009

Sorry for not posting last week, I was moving out of Chi-town and back to Erie/Pitt. I’m not positive about next week either, I’m going to Disneyworld. However, I will leave some thoughts to stew on as they come.

1. Why is Locke reborn on the island? This is the ultimate question and perhaps the foundational mystery of the entire show. Christian appears to have been “reborn” in a very similar way. Is it a succession of “Jacobs”? There are Biblical underpinnings to Jacob’s lineage, although that could be simply a red herring, which most of the Christian references probably are. False leads. Roads to nowhere. Misdirection. The Locke theme will be revisited for sure.

In addition, the “exit” of the island is the same location Ben arrived at (sans the cool security cameras). Is this how the polar bears arrived in Tunisia? Some speculate the polar bears were originally used to turn the wheel. Possible.

2. Do we care about the new castaways? No.

3. Is Charles good or bad? Tricky question. Good and bad seem to have lost their meanings. It could be a matter of perspective. Good intentions and bad intentions are subjective. It was upsetting about how gullible Locke still is, even after all that has happened. “You’re special!” are the key words to making Locke a personal slave.

4. Is this goodbye for Walt? I think the Locke/Walt scene was meant as a loose-end tie up, a goodbye of sorts. I think most of Walt’s powers and mysteries can be explained without the physical actor. And I’m glad about that too-grown Walt just isn’t going to work out in the long run (unless they pull out some Benjamin Button CGI).

5. Why did Ben murder Locke? This is the kicker. There are a few possible theories (and combination of theories) to explain this event.

Information. Ben really doesn’t know how to get back to the island. The name Eloise Hawking seemed to turn him into Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi. Additionally the fact that Jin was still alived also surprised Ben. We know Ben manipulates, but to leech information THEN kill someone…well…

Cause of death. Perhaps suicide cannot lead to island rebirth. Although, Ben could have simply pushed him off the edge of the table, which brings us back to Ben needing information. Also, it was important that the cause of death look like a suicide to further guilt Jack and keep the snowball rolling.

Christian was murdered. The events surrounding Christian’s death were a bit sketchy. If Christian was murdered, then it would make sense for Locke to be murdered too in order for all the proxy people/events to allign properly and return everyone to the island. Plausible, yes?

I wonder how Widmore feels about everything? He loses his driver, and his ticket back to the island kills himself. Pretty big failure.

I’ll try to work on some better updates for next time.

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Quick Hits: [Bi]cycle!

February 19, 2009

Cycles upon cycles? I liked how the episode started with Jack opening his eyes the exact same way the series started. And yes, the water bottle is indeed from the Oceanic Six (Five?) returning.

Locke as proxy? So Locke has to act as Christian when they go back to the island. Will he come back to life like Christian did on the island? Better yet, was Christian himself a proxy for Jacob? Is this just a never-ending cycle?By the way-was the pendulum thing in a CHURCH? I thought that was pretty ironic.

Ben bloody again. Ben was too clean and pretty for too long. It’s about time he got his face broken and bloodied again.

Happy feet! I feel as if these shoes are important…if we’re playing with time-cycle theories, what if the shoes are the reason for his legs being healed eventually? I…don’t…know.

Religious overtones? The whole church scene, Thomas the Apostle story, themes of belief, Flight 316…very interesting. Red herring? Possibly.

Already have the quote of the week. And it’s a secret.

I love Frank Lapidis. Is this plane “crash” in poor taste considering the aviation problems in the past month or so?

Cliffhanger was AMAZING
Next week’s episode looks AMAZING.

Okay, we understand all the complex buildup of the Oceanic 6 returning to the island…but why? What’s the bottom line here? What is everyone’s ultimate purpose? Just to live on the island forever? I don’t get it.

Update coming…Friday or Saturday.